Chef Mural invites you to experience Kokum

Embracing traditional Indian techniques and featuring handpicked local Australian ingredients, internationally celebrated Michelin star chef, Chef Mural, invites you to enjoy a sensory exploration of exotic spice and flavour. A fine dining experience in a relaxed yet elegant setting, Kokum exudes ambiance while delivering exquisite piquant cuisine. Perfect for food and wine lovers with a refined palate, Kokum’s diverse menu offerings are sure to delight all taste buds. With a carefully curated cocktail, wine and beer list to impeccably complement the selection of dishes, enjoy a leisurely lunch or dinner hosted by our attentive team.

Laden with spices such as saffron, turmeric, cardamom, cumin and nutmeg, our inspired menu features a variety of meat, seafood and vegetable-based dishes. With a select few familiar dishes, Kokum takes you on a journey to explore inspired Indian cuisine you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

With sophisticated indoor and outdoor dining, Kokum is the perfect location for a memorable meal with friends and family. Perched over the water, enjoy a zingy cocktail as the sun goes down before plunging into our unique gastronomy. Seating up to 150, our team will cater for and serve your guests, making Kokum the ideal choice for your next function.

Finding us

located at Palazzo Versace

Parking is available within Palazzo Versace. Use the driveway immediately past the hotel entrance for the underground car park. Simply press the “Reception” intercom button and park in any available spot.